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The Winchester Star

The Winchester Star Offices

Richard and I are in Winchester, Virginia installing PuzzleFlow WebPairer, Automator and InkSaver at The Winchester Star. We think they have opted for the best page pairing workflow, with intelligent automation, and ink optimization – but then we would, wouldn’t we?

Downtown Winchester

A view of Downtown Winchester

Winchester is a beautiful city. The downtown is made for walking and window shopping, the architecture is incredible and the folks exude hospitality. A sense of history surrounds you as you walk around downtown and even within the walls of the Winchester Star’s offices.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise, considering its illustrious past (both the city and the paper). The Byrd family – of both political (the Senators Byrd) and geographical/aviational (Admiral Byrd) fame – played an important and praiseworthy role in the prosperity of the city and the newspaper.

Cemitary Gate

Winchester Cemetery Gate- How's that for some impressive architecture?

Winchester also saw a great deal of activity during the Civil War, including three named battles – a good overview can be found here:
From a popular culture perspective: Mary Tyler Moore traced her roots back here and she has kin in the local cemetery; also Winchester was the home and is the final resting place of Patsy Cline (Virginia Patterson Hensley), whose beautiful voice brought Country Music to a pop audience back in the ’50s and ’60s. Back to general history, Winchester is also the “spot” where “repose the remains of Thomas, Sixth Lord Fairfax of Cameron” born at Leeds Castle in England to the Fifth Lord Fairfax and Catherine Culpeper in 1696 – having died at his farm in Virginia in 1781. Though Lord Fairfax does not repose in the Cemetery, he has a special place next to Christ Church.

Winchester House 1

One of many . . .

I love architecture and there are many beautiful homes and other buildings in Winchester…

Winchester House 2

. . . another of many!

too many to include all the pictures I took, but here are a few.

Winchester Library 2

Under the dome at the Winchester Public Library.

The Public Library is something worth seeing!


Winchester Library 1

The Winchester Public Library

and out.

Pickles Sign

Pickles sign- Winchester Star offices in background

For eats, you can’t go wrong if you drop by Pickles Deli for lunch. It is right across the street from the Winchester Star offices in an old 4-square house with a red metal roof and a great sittin’ porch. The sandwiches hit the right spot, but we couldn’t help but think that, if the sign maker had soft-proofing like that found in PuzzleFlow Solutions, they may have noticed the centering problem before committing the design to Faux Board (a durable outdoor sign material harvested from heart-wood of the Faux Tree).

For dinner – A block in the other direction from Pickles, and one block down towards town is the George Washington Hotel where you will find The Dancing Goat. Here you’ll find some fantastic White Bean Soup, and to-die-for Crab Cakes. There is even more great food right downtown at The Union Jack Pub & Restaruant. The Union Jack has a very diverse menu from steak to bangers & mash to my personal favorite, Tikka Masala.

Winchester Press

The Winchester Star press getting ready to print the Friday paper.

The install went very well (as expected) and Friday’s paper was done using the new PuzzleFlow Workflow.

While we were discussing ads that don’t always come from the advertisers correctly, it came up that the paper will sometimes get ads with crop marks in the PDF file. We illustrated how PuzzleFlow will use the various crop and trim boxes in a PDF file to automatically remove the crop marks and present the properly sized ad.

PuzzleFlow will use the Crop Box as the first indication of the need to crop a document. If there is no Crop Box, we will use the Media Box setting. This to follow the “viewing” logic of a PDF document when presented in Acrobat. However, Quark and other programs will often set the Trim Box (not the Crop Box) when applying crops to a PDF document. This makes sense for pages that are to be imposed, but not so much when doing things like ads. So, because we don’t want to crop something when it shouldn’t be cropped, we don’t normally crop ads to the trim box.

I include this story because it brings up a little known “feature” that is included in the PuzzleFlow Workflow. Essentially, we have a special “switch” that can force the trim box to be used when deciding the final size of an incoming document. When presenting a file to PuzzleFlow that needs to be cropped to the trim box, rename the file (before submitting it) to append “t_” to the beginning for the file name. For instance, a file named “12345.PDF” would be renamed to “t_12345.PDF”. Any file starting with “t_” will be cropped to the Trim Box – after which the “t_” will be removed from the name and it will be the proper size and be known by its proper name from then on.

Well, that wraps up our adventures in Winchester. The folks at the Winchester Star are a hard working and dedicated group and it was a pleasure to work with them. By all means, visit this beautiful city if you can – especially if you don’t have to be working. Unfortunately, we didn’t have more than a few minutes to explore and enjoy the hospitality, food and sights.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.


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